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3,2,1… Launch.

3,2,1… Launch. Posted on   | Author : Alyssa Hook

And we’ve launched. This labour of love is finally here and I’m so excited to share what I’ve been working on with you all.

It’s been a long and exciting six months bringing my favourite designs together into one place. I started Someday Elsewhere as I personally love to shop, and was getting tired of scrolling through pages and pages of items on online fashion sites that all seemed to get lost amongst each other.

I wanted to create a space for Aussie woman to shop unique, beautiful items but also a space where I could really showcase these items and not over populate our web pages.

I personally love finding gorgeous pieces and styling them in different ways. Really getting my money’s worth. But also finding those unique ‘one of a kind’ items that can quite often be over looked, especially when shopping online.

Through product photography and styling, I really hope you like what you see and even find some unique items you may not usually purchase.

We would also love to see how you are styling your pieces purchased from Someday Elsewhere so don’t forget to tag us in your snaps on Instagram!

Happy shopping

Liss xx

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