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Boutique & A Bump - Pregnancy & Fashion

Boutique & A Bump - Pregnancy & Fashion Posted on   | Author : Alyssa Hook

A shout out to all the mums to be out there! Who else finds it super difficult to buy cool looking items with a growing bubba belly? I am 23 weeks preggers and you guessed it, finding it more and more difficult the larger my belly gets to find cool clothing I still feel good in. Shock!

When I initially began to purchase for Someday Elsewhere, I had spent the following year on a weight loss campaign for my wedding. Hitting my 'goal weight' and feeling bloody fabulous in everything I wore for the first time in a long, long time.

I'm not gunna lie; there were a few items I added to my purchase list for myself, selling it to my husband as a 'I have to promote the business' pitch (which isn't entirely untrue I should add - it does help!). Before these gorgeous items arrived to post on the site, my husband and I found out some fabulous news - we are having a bubba! Huge excitement, especially being our first human child (we have a fur baby, Billy). We are beyond thrilled and thanks to the wonders of technology and DNA, at 12 weeks found out we are having a little boy. We are totally stoked and are now 23 weeks, almost there. Can't wait to meet our little legend.  

With the 23 week mark, comes the ever growing belly and thighs which I am totally embracing and absolutely love (thighs could slow right down if you ask me but hey, you win some you lose some). I am feeling my little one kick so strongly and now my hubby can feel him and see my belly move. The whole pregnancy experience is totally surreal and watching my tummy move around never gets old. 

My ever growing belly however, means a constant wardrobe situation for every occasion. Nothing to wear, outfit reoffending which I'm totally okay with but there has got to be a fine line - when do you stop? The majority of the clothes I am totally obsessed with on Someday Elsewhere don't fit me at all, perfect for summer weather but I'm too large and in charge. 

I have however, narrowed my Someday Elsewhere outfits down to a tee. Here are some of my favourites that still fit me and my growing bump: 

- The Ophelia Dress in both Tobacco and Navy: total life savers. I've bought myself one of each colour and worn these dresses to death. They are so super lightweight and loose fitting I'm still wearing them at 23 weeks with plenty of room to grow. 

- The Eddie Jumpsuit in Leopard: Some may call it an obsession, others a love. I can't get enough of this jumpsuit. It's so lightweight, comfortable and suitable for hot and cool weather. I can't get enough of it and have worn it frequently after the beach to dinner over my cozzie. It's just beautiful and the leopard print gives it a twist, I get many comments on both the jumpsuit and my growing bump whilst wearing it! 

- Zimmi Slip Dress in Black: I won't fit in this bad boy for long however have gone a 'size up' than usual and find it super comfy. Have been able to dress it up and dress it down, pair it with a cute colourful head tie scarf and some Bali Tailor slides and I'm good to go. Black is a great staple dress and this one is casual, suits my style and its super soft. Winner. 

So if you are like me, extremely excited for your bundle of joy however still like to look and feel good, it is possible! Hard at times and a lot of outfit reoffending, but possible. I find just switching up the same outfit with different groups of friends the secret... but keep that between us. 

In the meantime, I'm going to demolish the bowl of mars bar slice my beautiful friend left for us after our new years eve shin dig (I'm almost there, you'd be impressed) and keep on keeping on with the boxes on boxes of magnums in the freezer. I'll stick to the loose fitting cotton dresses which seem to be okay for now, and as for my back to work in a corporate office outfit selection? That's future liss's problem. 

Hope you all had an incredible start to the 2018 New Year. We gave a cheers with our non-alcoholic champagne & surprisingly did make it to see the 12am fireworks. 

Have a beautiful rest of the week. 

Liss xx

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